About me

My name is Cllr. Richard Watts and I’m the leader of Islington Council.

Islington has been my home for almost 20 years and I currently live in the north of the borough with my partner and two young boys.

I was first elected to Islington Council in 2006 as the Labour Member for Tollington Ward. Before becoming leader in 2013, I  served as Islington’s Executive Member for Children & Families and the Executive Member for Finance & Performance.

Before becoming a full time member of the Council’s Executive, I ran the Children’s Food Campaign, a national campaign to improve children’s diets. I previously worked for a number of different campaigns and a consultancy organisation, which led to some work in Kosovo helping develop the political party that formed out of the KLA guerrilla army.

What I do:

This page from islington Council’s website tells you more about my responsibilities as Leader of the Council. It also tells you more about my how to contact me and my monthly advice surgeries.

Islington Council: Role of the Leader.

Posts I hold:

Louise O'Gorman www.mycorporateimage.co.uk

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