New Community Centre for Tollington

For the ten years they ran Islington Council, the Lib Dems neglected Tollington ward. 

When Islington Labour took power at the Town Hall in 2010 we decided to invest across the borough. We know that Tollington ward is one of the most deprived in the country but the community facilities were out of date and struggling to meet the changing needs of our area.

Working with Jeremy Corbyn, before he became party leader, ward councillors worked with the community to develop a plan that replaced two outdated community buildings with one new, and bigger, centre and some much needed council housing.

After years in the planning and building the development is nearing completion and it was a pleasure to visit it this week with ward colleague Cllr Flora Williamson.

new community centre visit RW & FW

Visiting the new community centre with Cllr Flora Williamson and Colin Adams,  who will manage the new building.

The building still isn’t finished yet but it’s really exciting to see it take shape.

new community centre visit 3

The new community space

new community centre visit 2

The community kitchen being installed

new community centre visit 1

The new sports hall

new community centre visit 5

The outdoor space with planters for food growing, with the new housing in the background

new community centre visit 4

A photo of some of the 23 new Council homes soon to be ready for local residents

Islington Labour was elected to deliver more jobs, better housing and help with the cost of living for ordinary local residents.  This new community centre and Council Housing development will do all three.

About Cllr Richard Watts

I am the Leader of Islington Council and the Labour councillor for Tollington ward.
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